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Services We Provide


Stock Transfers – These pre-printed transfers are purchased from various suppliers and on display in the store. They’re heat applied to the garment of your choice, usually while you wait. We also carry promotional products such as mugs, pins and bags and have a large variety of subjects to choose from.

Custom Prints – We produce logos by various methods most suited to our customer’s needs. The complexity of the design, and the quantity required, play a big part in the process used to imprint the garment.
The following methods are used at Graphic Wearhouse to put a client’s logo on their garment:

- Heat Transfers – are best suited for quantities of 24 or more due to the setup costs involved with preparing heat transfers. The inks work on most colours of garments and the design can be quite detailed. Each colour in the design adds to the cost of the transfer. Vector based artwork such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator are required to produce these transfers. This process is not suitable for designs where colours blend or where there’s shading.

- Computer Cut Logos – are produced by cutting the design elements from a roll of material with a computer driven cutter and then heat applied to the garment. This process is suitable for designs with simple shapes and few colours. It’s mostly used for lettering, slogans, team names and numbers. They’re somewhat labour intensive so they’re usually used for smaller orders and for items that must be printed at lower temperatures. Vector based artwork is also required for this process.

- Photo transfers – are used where photographs and designs with multiple colours and shades are involved. A copier is used to reproduce the logo onto a ‘copy transfer’ that can be heat applied to the garment. The copier uses standard paper sizes up to 11x17 inches. Good quality images are needed to produce a good result.

This process requires limitations. For instance, the white in an image comes from the background on which it is printed; therefore, this process works best on white. Light pastels will work if you don’t mind the image colour changing slightly. To print on dark shirts the image is printed on a thin white film, which is trimmed, and then heat applied to the garment. The result is much like making a sticker.



Embroidery – At Graphic Wearhouse we prepare custom embroidery in house.  We follow two components when embroidering:

1) A stitch file must be created so that the machine knows where to sew. This is called ‘Digitizing’.

The cost of digitizing depends on the design complexity and the final stitch count. We can usually provide a good estimate of this part of the process.

2) The second part of the process is the actual sewing of the design to the garment. Quantity and stitch count of the design are factors in determining the cost of this part.


Promotional Products – we have various suppliers who custom print items such as mugs, water bottles, pens, key chains, and so on. We require setup costs and quantity minimum and would be more than happy to provide pricing your needs.